Opening Asia Programs

We believe there’s many SMC’s who are thinking of and even planning of going into Asia but haven’t. Yet, the fastest growing economic region with the most potential customers for many SMC’s is Asia. This not just China, but Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Korea, Singapore and others. Each with millions of people who are able to purchase the goods and services you offer.

You know you have a great product or service…but they don’t!!! The customers are out there, you just have to find them and get your products in front of them.

From years of living and doing business all over Asia we have observed that nothing will impress and be viewed more favourably to an Asian buyer than a face to face meeting with a western company. *

This shows prospect your professionalism, they’ll see for themselves the quality of your products and services; and most importantly, that you’re serious about building relations and doing business.

How it works

The idea is simple. Under the direction of the client we do the research, identify, and introduce your company to pre - qualified prospective buyers in Asia. We are not experts on your company, products, services or industry nor wish to be seen that way. You are. We are simply honoring a traditional way of doing business in Asia, which is using a third party to introduce seller to buyer. You or an associate are welcome to join however at this stage it’s not recommended. You are however, in the room (via Skype or conference link up) to introduce yourself briefly and answer any questions the prospect may have. Remember, in Asia relationship is key.

Sample Program Components

  • ✓ Preparation starts by visiting your offices to learn about the products/services, ideal target companies and customers, and your company’s goals prior to undertaking any research.
  • ✓ Research and arrange for one - one meetings with key decision makers of pre-qualified companies in up to 5 countries across the Asia Pacific. The number of meetings per country can vary however we’ll try to meet with as many as possible.
  • ✓ Final meeting prior to departure – to confirm trip details, etc.
  • ✓ Presentation of your products and services using your existing marketing collaterals.
  • ✓ You Tube style video (DVD) featuring company products and services, welcome message from the President, contact information and translated into local language if desired.
  • ✓ When desired, arrange for “live” video phone link up with you and the key decision makers.
  • ✓ Translator services on-site during the meeting at both offices if required.
  • ✓ Your on-site translator will be familiar with technical terms used in your industry prior to on-site video phone link up.
  • ✓ On-going communications with your office with progress updates.
  • ✓ Final report with recommendations.

We can help to keep the momentum going with follow up and facilitating sales.

We believe these programs can also be used as complimentary service to participants in trade missions by keeping the ball rolling with follow-up services. Or, as an affordable, yet effective first step for SMC’s seeking explore and do business in Asia.

* Few SMC’s take the effort to meet prospective buyers face to face. Instead relying on internet websites and endless emails back and forth to contact Asia buyers and promote themselves. Most often the person in Asia answering your email will not be a decision maker but a lower level employee with some English skills but no authority. When a face to face meeting is arranged however, the Asian counterpart will be of influence if not the final decision maker.