Country market notebooks

Any small to mid-sized company looking to enter a new market needs to know what they’re getting into and how best to prepare. This means doing the essential “homework” and this is precisely what country market notebooks provide.

Notebooks are customized for each SMC, so that market intelligence is compiled, assessed and evaluated specifically to the company’s products, services, goals and objectives. Once completed, the SMC will have done the homework and have prepared themselves to make informed smarter business decisions.

Although each notebook provides a wealth of information, its objectives are twofold. The first is all about fit. To identify and assess which country markets, consumers, customers and opportunities are the best fit for the SMC, its products and services. Second, is to educate the SMC about the political, economic, social, technological, competitive and legal aspects of each prospective country market. As a direct result, the company can approach their entry into Asia with greater confidence having prepared themselves to beforehand. Knowing the lay of the land regarding business customs, politics, economies, along with knowledge of country markets, place the SMC far ahead of competitors who don’t bother to do their homework.